Swinging while Eating at Dwino’s Grill

Dwino's Grill, Ozamis

Dwino's Grill, OzamisThat gives you some big confusion as to how we managed to swing while eat at the same time right? To start, Dwino’s Grill was not exactly the place we originally planned for lunch but since something came up, we ended at this very place. Its appearance from the outside gives no difference apart from the typical fast food grills. But wait till you get inside and see the swing seats. Exactly, the same area we chose to seat for a whole new food experience.

Dwino's Grill, Ozamis

A touch of the outdoor right inside the fast food was the feeling as soon as we noticed it. Admit it, we all do love picnic done at the beautiful outdoors and gardens and cheers to Dwino’s grill for coming up with such idea. I tried swinging it to see if the whole thing was pure design but unexpectedly it did swing. So we settled for a shot.

Dwino's Grill, Ozamis

The other part of the area was a typical one only with the colorful wallpapers of their very own menu to be more personalized. It was like giving their customers two different options of dining experience. If they don’t exactly feel swinging while eating then a more stable chair is located at the other end.

Dwino's Grill, Ozamis

The food on the other hand looks all delicious. You can avail through their value meals which includes an ice tea, rice and soup or the other way around. Their menu is full you hardly come up immediately with a choice.

Dwino's Grill, Ozamis

Since I was not exactly equipped with a lot of extra cash so I settled with their value meal. But honestly as I had mentioned I indeed took time in coming up what to order and value meals always are the best last resort. I ordered chicken curry (my favorite) as the viand then along with soup, rice and ice tea.

I was already seated at the swing seats when I noticed I was provided with “puso” rather the typical rice. It was quite weird since they were not exactly a perfect match but I didn’t mind replacing it maybe because I was lazy enough to stand.hehe But because of that I hadn’t had a memorable food experience since if I did, I should have finished one more order of puso or rice. The same with ice tea, I didn’t feel the taste since it was not delicious honestly. I was like tasting water flavored by brown sugar. It could be a lipton brand since the taste was not that familiar.

Dwino's Grill, Ozamis

Well, there were still more food to choose from rather generalizing my overall first time experience. Dwino’s Grill is something I expect to visit again. With all the food in their menu, it would take me everyday to order each. It is located at the Washington Street, Ozamis City.


Running Late For Ozamis Trip

Bulua Terminal for Ozamis

Because I am the queen of slack and unpreparedness, the things I have forgotten to pack are the kind of the things that should be the top priority.

  1. Bottle of Water
  2. Heavy Snacks
  3. Pieces of Candies

Especially when you are running late for a trip, the top 3 should be packed in your bag to prevent what just had happened to me.

4:30 pm

It was this time when we were all complete and just when we were about to hop inside the bus for Ozamis, there was none to be found. We found out the last trip was just 30 min earlier, 4:00 pm. The choice we had then was to ride a bus for Iligan and find any there going to the pier for Ozamis.

Bulua Terminal for Ozamis

Unexpectedly, the bus took longer than I expected since I’d tried riding it in the past which only took 1 1/2 to 2 hours trip but it lasted up to 3 hours. Well, because I forgot to bring water I was trying to convince myself I can deal with it. I did but when the afternoon sloly turned into night, my tummy convinced me that I was hungry and Ooh neither food can’t I find any in my backpack.


Finally, we arrived hoping we stopped by for dinner but I’m guessing not since we were all in a hurry to find the right bus. So when I did find a timing, I immediately bought 3 hard boiled eggs packed in one at a vendor nearby.

Standing position inside Zamboanga Bus

The bus were full but we never had other choice but to go on or else we can’t reach the last trip for Ozamis. This means, operation standing ovation. On the other hand, I’m sensing my tummy can’t afford another minute with an empty stomach so I tried munching the hard boiled eggs. Yes, indeed! I was peeling it while standing and never did I realize I had that kind of talent. But again, damn I forgot to buy water so slowly I finished it to avoid any choking incidents. Then a passenger at my side was kind enough to share a bit space from her seat. Yipee!


Everyone standing were shouting as if it could save them time in going to the barge. And we were like fighting for the tricycle.haha


Right after we stepped on the ground, they were already running. I should have waited first for the change but P2 is not even worth it to lose a trip to Ozamis. And by the time we handed for the fare, the barge already made the last signal to go and we couldn’t afford to waste another time but RUN RUN RUN! I was out of breath when we arrived inside. Then my knees were trembling as we climbed for our seats. Gosh!

Ozamis Barge

I finished the last piece of egg as I saw a store nearby and just buy water afterwards. Seems there was no one in charge and the powdery yolks already filling my mouth as I struggingly swallow my own saliva as means of water. Gross!

When I got back to our seats, they were again standing with all the bags. I said,

What’s with the hurry!

Then the step went down and finally we landed.

What’s for dinner at almost 10:00 pm? Jollibee 1 pc chikcen, 2 rice and large coke. I expect tomorrow I’ll be laying my own eggs already. Haha!