Fully Booked But Not in Minerva Hotel

It was a late notice when we took off to Ozamis to experience a short work experience. The team left there on the other hand also knew about our coming the time when I called them. Good thing I called and so they were able to look for hotel accommodations ahead of time. However, it seems like every hotel in the place was fully booked and so does the current hotel they were staying to accommodate a few more number of people. But at least there was still decent ones left to fill in our choices like Minerva Hotel.

Minerva hotel is located at the Washington, Ozamis, Misamis Occidental, Philippines. I can’t exactly give some tips on how to get there but I hereby post a map to guide you since we had our very own van as our means of transportation. It suits best to people who craves for a city tour since it is exactly at the heart of the city. We were able to reach a few places even only by foot during our stay and the most accessible short rides you can try are “trisikad” and “tricycle”.

The hotel overall was a better choice for last minute bookings and to think that the rest of the hotels are fully booked. Thankfully we ended up there. The interior place was elegant with all the display of souvenirs from around the world. Then during our stay, we experienced brownouts most of the time. Good thing the hotel has their own generator. It was only the air conditioner appliance that was not included.

Minerva Hotel, Ozamis

However, they had a curfew up to 9pm and no Wifi connection. Those were the stuffs that shocked us a little especially the curfew. We arrived 10pm during our first night stay and we were still able to get through (Well, of course we need to because we paid for it). But getting further inside was like visiting a friend’s house when you have to talk to the house owner, show respect and introduce yourselves especially since it was already late at night. Cheeze! No wonder why there was a curfew. But the place was okay for a broadband USB connection which I bring almost always in times like it.


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