Travel Without Prior Notice

TRAVELI woke up with my sun cellular phone dead and bat empty. Charged it and off I turned on my laptop. I expected some messages except for one thing – a message from our head.

Because until now I’m still sinking in my job as a travel nurse, part of it that I am still currently learning is the preparedness of being a traveler. To count, it’s only a matter of 3 days from now then my journey begins and I’m not even halfway ready with my things and all.

Worst is it got even way sooner because the message was all about my willingness to travel to Ozamis stat, impromtu and RIGHT NOW! It’s 11 am and I should get ready by 2-3 pm. So what would you expect but everything impromtu.

  1. My schedule for laundry which supposedly be today is again postponed. At least I have still enough clean clothes to bring for a two-night trip.
  2. My messy room which should be cleaned stat.
  3. My travel kit I should have planned to list more which I need to instantly come up with things to buy.
  4. I still have one last requirement to comply which is barangay clearance which thankfully I can just pass by it when going out.
  5. I am as well an online seller and good thing the meetup is scheduled for today so the money could add up to my allowance expenses and emergency cases.
  6. And the last thing, to mail my requirements.

For a duration of 2 hours, I am now at the Bulua Terminal waiting for our head and the bus as well. All geared up! Bring me to Ozamis!

Bulua Terminal


15 thoughts on “Travel Without Prior Notice

  1. I’m telling you, you have such an exciting job! I’m your opposite, my workplace is just inside my bedroom and I can already feel the ‘burn out’ thingie. Enjoy your travels 🙂

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