Juanted Traveler Joined CDO Bloggers Blogging 101 Workshop

Sun Cellular

Sun Cellular (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blogging has indeed facilitated flexibility to express one’s self in various forms that have never been seen or understood before. Its evolvement has broadened from provisional truths down to shared and cluttered philosophies rather the known previous reserved writings. The interaction therein between writers and readers is unmatched, spontaneous and sometimes vile. Everything contributes and heralds to a golden era of journalism.

CDO Bloggers on the other hand through Blogging Workshop 101 has invited people from all walks of life to take part in this golden era. May they be a writer or not, blogging has now broken the walls to spontaneously expose their true self made known through expression and creative write ups.

It was held at the MBOX Bussiness Center for the CDO Bloggers slash speakers, Grace Varona Maghanoy of MisOrJobs.com and Venus Mabale of inCDO.com to truly showcase the topics revolving around the basic set up of blogging—anatomy of blog, setting up and other stuffs for a head start. The floor was as well open for questions and any queries amateur bloggers can think of.

cdo bloggers, blogging workshop

One word—success it was as each and everyone in the room went home with their newly created blogs, the knowledge and of course the giveaways provided by Sun Cellular.

cdo bloggers, blogging workshop

But the very top motive of this blog post is to open another chapter in my blogging venture for a 1 year free domain and free hosting for this newly created Juanted Traveler bog courtesy of CDOPlaces.com and WOWCDO.com. Like a traveler, I wanted this blog to reach as many places and people as it can.


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