Travel Nurse Job Interview

Jessica Limpert working in Haiti

Jessica Limpert working in Haiti (Photo credit: wcn247)

Travel nurse jobTravel nurse job interview as I have known can indeed require a major effort. The degree of difficulty depends on the kind of role. There are actually a lot of mixes and combinations to expect in the case of the functions that often targets the rural areas dealing with strangers.

But by the time I sat carefully with the interviewer, there was no trace of pressure and difficulty. Although I can describe it as informal especially with the use of dialect, showing still an air of formality was my goal. I answered as how she introduced the question. If I was asked in a dialect, I answered with the same manner and vice versa.
By the time the proper interview started, good thing I was able to research some background regarding the company especially their advertisement of the travel nurse job circulating the net. At least it was something I could show off rather stay passive by just answering the questions.

After a couple of questions asked, the travel nurse job was further discussed despite of the brief overview my friend had shared over the phone last night. It is more on a public health work. As what anyone can expect from travel nurse jobs, public health is something that is one of its nature. At least it is something the intrepid traveler within craves for operating on the road and throughout the region, Northern Mindanao or overall Mindanao.

The fears that are expected can start with cultural shock but it is always part of it and I would gladly embrace and learn. Like how community issues work which can vary considerably in a larger area and the same goes with the facilities being equally diverse.

To deal such diversity, the most expected skill from this travel nurse job is communication. Aside from that is the talent of entertainment. Our very main function is to provide health teachings to women with reproductive health. There was an initial for that I am just not sure what the last was anyway, yes specifically family planning. I was even asked anything I can recall with it. Well, at least I have given some. And their products range from those—contraceptives, artificial and others but selling is never part of our job rather in just promotions.

So what do you think? Do I have what it takes to be a travel nurse?


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