Juanted Traveler: At The Drop of a Hat

The Traveler (2010 film)

The Traveler (2010 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lot may have the same idea of a vacation of having a weekend getaway at some beach resort with friends or an impromptu road trip into a far away city, as a hopeless traveler, I want to get away at any and every opportunity. The farther it is the more I like it. I can even dare climb mountains as a means of escape from the suffocating city air, dip into a river and talk to natives for a change from the neighbours I never even get to meet back at home.

The intrepid traveler within me is just getting stronger aiming to cross boundaries, jump over fires and be drowned with the blue waves (as if I know how to swim). Who cares with airport security, when I just want to go somewhere new? But if it is that easy, I am nowhere to be found.

The hardest problem is to control the squirminess within staying inside my room forever, when can I take a break and work as a traveler?

So by the time I saw “JUANTED TRAVELER” – wanted traveler, I knew I needed to go for that at the drop of a hat.

Juanted Traveler, Wanted Traveler

The P.S. meant applicants should be a traveler by heart who never gets tired walking enjoys playing with the sun and loves being wet with sweat. The willingness there is for sure of no question. Thank goodness I am a nurse to finally get my biggest break. I haven’t gotten a real job since I graduated and this kind of opportunity is tremendous. I don’t care the scourging sun. I can just imagine the fun while I work, heading towards the communities while enjoying the views, facing new sets of strangers in a new environment, scenery, nature as long as a different one back from home.

Here this first post goes for my newly created blog, “Juanted Traveler” where everything all started.


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